Prozac (fluoxetine) is typically suggested for people with such psychiatric disorders as obsessive-compulsive ailment and misery, and also certain eating disorders. Before taking this medication you should get in touch with your healthcare company. You should keep in mind that individuals with a family or life story of bipolar illness or suicidal ideas are at a higher threat of developing serious psychiatric negative effects of Prozac. Prozac has been stated to cause drowsiness in people taking it, so if you feel sleepy after taking this medication stay away from running equipment or steering a vehicle to prevent crashes. Prozac light side impacts include stress, nausea, weak point, adjustments in libido, reduction of hunger, sweating, completely dry mouth, sore neck, weight reduction, drowsiness, irrepressible shaking. Do not mention them right away as they will possibly fade away extremely quickly. A few of the significant adverse effects you could experience and that you are expected to tell your healthcare carrier regarding feature seizures, fever, breakout, irregular heart beat, hives, complication, hallucinations, difficulty ingesting, puffinessing, difficulty breathing, temperature, and joint discomfort.

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